How to design a centrifugal pump to control water flow at your home

As you get ready to open your new home, you may be looking to install centrifugal water pumps, which use centrifugal pressure to control the flow of water from one chamber to another.A centrifugal engine uses pressure to drive a piston to spin a rotor, which then spins a pump, producing an equivalent amount of […]

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How to build a centrifugal-slurry pump to pump hot water from a hot water heater to a home

The Globe and Mail’s resident hot-water expert, Robert Devereux, offers a comprehensive rundown of the basic steps needed to build an inexpensive, low-maintenance, low environmental hot water pump that’s ideal for your home.Read more: What is a hot-pot?How to properly operate a hot tap and how to get the most out of your hot water […]

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Which parts of the centrifugal pumps are safe?

The Islamic Republic of Iran has released a list of the parts that are not allowed to be used in centrifugal pumping, including the “crown of thorns,” the “pulley wheel” and “belly plug.”Iran is not allowed in the international centrifugal supply chain and has not used the pumps since 1979.The list of banned items included […]

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Beer brewing centrifugal pumps ‘could cause heart problems’

A research team at Penn State University has found that beer brewers can suffer from symptoms of heart failure when the heart valves that pump blood into the muscles of their bodies become too narrow.In some cases, the heart may even stop beating.“The mechanism of action of this phenomenon is unknown,” said Dr. Brian Wiederman, […]

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Israeli officials: Iran ‘will be a burden on Israel’

A day after the Iran nuclear deal, Israel’s intelligence chiefs warned that the country would be a “burden on Israel” if the agreement is not implemented.In an interview with Israeli Channel 10, Intelligence Minister Yair Lapid said Iran’s nuclear program is a major threat to Israel and that the Islamic Republic is “a very, very […]

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