DURCO FEATURE: The world’s fastest ‘durco’ centrifugal pumps


— It looks like a giant metal box, but this little guy weighs about as much as a person.

It’s not the most efficient pump, but it’s certainly the fastest.

That’s because the Durco centrifuge pump can churn out more than 1.5 gallons of liquid per second.

Durco is the world’s largest company making high-efficiency centrifugal pumping systems, which are used to pump liquid and gas through pipes.

The company has been using the technology for nearly two decades.

The Durco pump is so fast that you don’t even have to wait for the machine to start pumping — it’s actually waiting for you.

Durcos pumps work by moving a spinning rotor.

The rotor spins at about 1,500 rpm and pulls the liquid through a pipe.

When the rotor turns, the gas gets pushed through the pipe.

It’s a lot like a big tire pump, except you have to push it in the right direction.

The most common way to use a Durco pumps is to fill a tank with a liquid, such as a beverage, or a gas that will flow through the pump.

The company has developed a system that makes it possible to make the pumps smaller and more efficient.

It also makes them lighter, more compact, and quieter.

The technology has a few drawbacks.

For one, the Durcos pump has to be attached to the ground by a cable.

That means the pumps can’t be used for anything like high-volume production.

And they have to be installed in buildings with lots of moving parts.

Durca has designed a system for use in homes, offices, and industrial facilities.

It can also be used on the streets and in residential areas.

It was a collaboration between Durco and the University of Colorado, the University and Denver Business School, and the Colorado Department of Transportation.

The project is called “Durco’s Pump” and is part of the university’s Innovation in Environmental Technology program.


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