The world’s most advanced, most expensive and the biggest air-cooled air-compressor is here

It’s the world’s biggest and the most expensive air-filtration system ever built.

It was built by the Chinese and is being marketed as a world-first.

The Air-Compressor for the Airplane, or CAP, is made of carbon nanotubes and aluminium, which it uses to heat the air flowing through its two-cylinder engine.

It’s a system that was designed to cool the engine by removing the exhaust gases that would otherwise cool it.

CAP’s biggest problem is that it has a very small engine, which means it can only pump air at the speed of about 5,000 litres per second, a far cry from the 8,000 to 10,000 litre per second of conventional air-powered engines.

“There are many different designs of air-infiltration systems and the CAP is no different,” says Andrew Mazzarri, CAP’s chief engineer.

“It’s a completely unique concept.”

The CAP’s engine is based on an original design by Japanese company Takayuki Tanaka, who was awarded a Nobel Prize for his work on the air-liquid mixture that drives engines.

Tanaka’s idea was to build a new type of air filter to remove the oxygen from the air in the engine, making it much less dense.

CAP, which costs around $30m, consists of a large, single-cylindered cylinder.

The air in it is pumped through the central air pump and into a tank at the front of the engine.

The flow of air is controlled by the engine’s four rotors.

The rotors rotate around the cylinder, which then rotates, producing thrust.

The fuel is then pumped through a series of valves, one for each engine.

Inventor Takayasu Tanaka was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics in 2012 for his contribution to the design of a new air-filter system that helps cool the engines of aircraft.

CAP works by pumping the exhaust of the main engine into a small tank that is then turned on by the air pumps that feed it.

The exhaust is then filtered by a filter that sits in front of a radiator, which draws water from the outside world.

The water, which is then cooled by a turbine, is then put back into the tank.

A similar system, the CAPR, uses two pumps to filter the air coming out of the engines.

The CAPR has been developed by an Australian firm, Cairns-based Envision, which also produces an air-to-air version.

The engine is capable of producing up to 30,000 cubic metres of compressed air per minute, which will cool down the engine and reduce the exhaust emissions that are released by the fuel-injected engine.

CAP also has the advantage of being small, meaning it can be manufactured in a number of different sizes.

For example, the engine was designed for a plane with a wingspan of just over 1,500 metres.

It also can fit into a cargo hold that would normally require several thousand litres of fuel.

CAP can also be adapted for use on helicopters.

The designers of the CAPC aircraft were working on a plane that would have flown at supersonic speeds and was designed with the engine as the primary engine, according to the company’s website.

“Our design was based on the design by Takayuku Tanaka for his CAPR air-fuel mixture system and to improve the efficiency of the fuel and oxygen mixture,” says John Hoey, an engineer at Envision.

“The design was then expanded by the CAP team into the design for CAPC.”

The new CAP was recently tested at a test facility in China.

The test was carried out under a low-pressure, low-temperature conditions and the fuel flowed out of one of the cylinders, reducing its temperature.

This meant that the engine could be more easily removed by removing a piece of metal from the cylinder.

When the air from the other cylinder was allowed to flow back into that cylinder, the cooling effect of the compressed air increased.

The company is now working with the Air Transport Association of China to develop a pilot CAP that could be used on planes in the future.

“CAP is a completely new technology that has great potential to be adopted by the airlines,” says Hoeys co-founder, Stephen McAllister.

“We believe that CAP is one of those technology areas that is a lot cheaper than conventional systems, which are very expensive and often time-consuming to build.”


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