Which team will win the 2018 World Series?

The 2019 World Series is the most exciting thing that has happened to baseball in a very long time.

And while we’re all excited to see the teams that win it, we have a feeling that the best team in baseball will win.

And it’s not because they have the best player.

It’s not even because they’re the best pitcher.

That honor belongs to the 2018 Yankees, and while that’s a big reason for the Yankees to have a shot at winning the World Series, we think that’s not the case.

Here’s why: There are three major reasons why the Yankees will have a chance to win the World Championship.1.

The Yankees will win because they are the best baseball team of all time.

The 2018 Yankees were the best of all-time, and there’s no one who can tell you that’s untrue.

That’s the reason they’ve been the best.

It starts with the fact that they are now in a class of their own.

In 2019, they have four Hall of Famers on the roster, and all of them are still on the Yankees.

There are no other teams in baseball that have two or three players in their prime who are still around.

This is the reason why the 2018 lineup is the best in the game.

That lineup is led by one of the best players in the world, the reigning NL MVP, Aaron Judge.

Judge’s offensive dominance is unmatched by any other player in baseball, and he’s one of only four players in history to average over a run per game, hit over 100 home runs and drive in over 100 runs.

There is no player on this roster that is more feared by opponents than Judge.

They will have to rely on him to be the focal point of their offense, and if they do that, they’ll be in a position to win.

The offense will also be led by an MVP candidate, Brett Gardner, who is the only player in the history of baseball to average more than 200 hits, 100 runs and 30 home runs.

This team has the potential to win multiple World Series in the next decade.2.

The 2017 Yankees were also the best all-around baseball team in the decade that preceded them.

The most exciting teams to watch in the league in 2018 were the 2018 Red Sox, who won 103 games and finished third in the AL East, and the 2018 Blue Jays, who finished third and made the playoffs.

This year’s Yankees are the closest thing we’ve seen to a team that won 103 or more games and made it to the World Cup, and they have two of the top three hitters in the business, Aaron Sanchez and Aaron Judge, both of whom are coming off MVP seasons.

Sanchez is coming off his second MVP award, and Judge, who made the All-Star team in 2019, will be in his fourth MVP campaign and fourth straight All- Star appearance.

The next best team, in terms of a World Series appearance, is the 2019 Yankees.

The 2019 Yankees have two All-Stars, Jose Bautista and Giancarlo Stanton, and their other superstar is Andrew McCutchen, who had his best season ever and is on pace to be one of baseball’s best players this year.

This isn’t a team in which you want to bet on a one-two punch.

The only players on this team who are going to be worth their weight in gold are Sanchez and Judge.3.

The defense will also have a huge advantage in 2019.

The best offense in baseball has been the Yankees defense, and this year’s team is going to have an edge in that department.

Aaron Judge is one of two players in baseball history to record 20 homers and 10 stolen bases in one season, and it was the best season by a shortstop in the modern era.

The other player to do that was Jose Canseco, who hit 20 homers in 2001 and 20 homers, 21 steals and 19 stolen bases from 2007 to 2010.

Judge and Cansecos defense combined for a total of 27 steals in 2019 and was second to only Miguel Cabrera’s 27 steals.

And because the Yankees are so deep at shortstop, the only reason you would have to worry about them is if the Yankees have an extra outfielder, a player like Alex Rodriguez or Aaron Judge or Brett Gardner or Josh Donaldson.

The rest of the league will be left to the mercy of whoever is playing shortstop.

The first time the Yankees made the World Champions was in 2001, when they went 0-2.

They haven’t been there since.

The reason why they haven’t won a World Championship in a decade is because they weren’t good enough.

They were so bad that they were in the bottom half of the AL Central, and that was before the Yankees had Aaron Judge and Jose Bats, two players who can steal bases and make plays at the plate.

It wasn’t until the Yankees hit the wall in the second half of 2018 that they started to make a run.

But they’ve gotten better since then.

That might have to


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