Beer brewing centrifugal pumps ‘could cause heart problems’

A research team at Penn State University has found that beer brewers can suffer from symptoms of heart failure when the heart valves that pump blood into the muscles of their bodies become too narrow.

In some cases, the heart may even stop beating.

“The mechanism of action of this phenomenon is unknown,” said Dr. Brian Wiederman, the paper’s lead author and an associate professor of biomedical engineering at Penn.

“But it’s a phenomenon that we have to understand.”

Brewing centrifugal fans to keep beer coldThe team developed a device that attaches to a beer and pumps the fluid in and out of the beer at an automated speed.

The team tested it on five types of beers, including the classic German style Kölsch, which includes yeast and other ingredients.

The results were not encouraging.

Wiederman’s team found that the centrifugal fan could cause heart failure in one person, but not in another.

In one study, six people who drank two cases of Kölz beers died after they were treated with the machine, while five people who had been drinking three cases of beer each did not.

The team also tested the device on healthy volunteers.

The two patients who died had high levels of blood pressure.

The researchers said they do not yet know why this happens, but that the valve is the most likely culprit.

“We don’t know if the mechanism is due to a defect in the valve or an infection in the body,” Wiedman said.

“This could be a very serious issue for heart patients.”

In a study published earlier this year in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, Wiedmann and his colleagues tested two types of centrifugal system.

They found that two types are more likely to cause heart attacks in healthy people, while the other one is less likely to.

In their latest study, the Penn team also examined the valves of beer that had been used in the brewing process.

They found that in the centrifuge system, one valve could be open for less than a second, and that one could be opened for more than two seconds.

The valves could also have a different shape.

“One of the things that’s been happening is that the valves in the system have different shapes,” Wieserman said.

“There are different sizes, different shapes.

That’s kind of a big issue, and this is a new area that we haven’t really addressed.”

He said the researchers are continuing to research and to test new designs of the centrifuges.

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