The ultimate robot vacuum cleaner is now available in Australia

A company in Melbourne, Australia, has been selling a robotic vacuum cleaner that can vacuums up to 100 people, with the help of a combination of magnets and a special vacuum pump.

The robot vacuum is the first in Australia to offer a manual vacuum, rather than a remote control one, allowing users to control the vacuum in their home.

The company, Petcare, says the vacuum is built using a combination model of the Cascadia robot vacuum and the Roomba.

The vacuum can move at up to 70 miles per hour and is able to perform all kinds of tasks including cleaning, vacuuming, cleaning the house and even cleaning out a bathroom.

The robotic vacuum comes with an optional power supply that allows it to power up to 50 different household appliances, including a washing machine, dishwasher and vacuum cleaner.

“We’re the first to offer this kind of robotic vacuum in Australia,” Petcare CEO, Ian Campbell, said in a statement.

The Australian company says it is also the first robot vacuum to be made entirely in the US.

Campbell said the robot vacuum has “no human-level of control” and it is designed to be “the ultimate companion for the family”.

“We can make it do all the cleaning chores and tasks you can imagine for a small, family-friendly robot,” Campbell said.

The product is also being used in the UK, where a Petcare robot vacuum was recently used to clean the streets of London.

It can be programmed to do tasks like vacuating a room in your home, or vacuying the toilet or changing a light bulb.

The firm is also making an Australian version of the vacuum.

The team behind Petcare’s robotic vacuum say that it is built with the best materials and has been designed to perform a number of tasks, including vacuuring.

Campbell told ABC News the robot is designed with a “low-tech” look, as it is made from “a single piece of carbon fibre.”

“It’s designed to look like a normal house,” Campbell told the ABC.

“It has a single seat, and it has a front-facing camera.

We’ve done a lot of research into how to make a robot that can do the tasks we do.”

A spokesperson for Petcare said the vacuum comes in four different sizes and can be fitted with various attachments.

The model that was used in London had an internal battery that can be charged via a cable.

The spokesperson said that when the battery is charged, the robot will work for “hours” and “days”.

They also said that it can be “sensed” to move objects in the home.

Campbell says the robot comes with a number in-built tools that can help it perform the tasks.

For example, when the vacuum starts to work, the user can hold the button and the vacuum will begin to move in the direction of the button, and can then turn the wheel to remove the object from the vacuum container.

Campbell also said the product is easy to operate, and is easy for people to use because it is not designed for kids.

“This is the ultimate robot, because you can get a little kid to do it,” Campbell added.

“You can’t make a vacuum that’s too small, so you need a robot.”

The company says the machine can also be used as a hand-held vacuum cleaner, which can vacuum a room for about 10 minutes.


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