Indian space agency’s Centrifuges: The Power of the Centrino

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) has revealed its new centrifugal pumping technology which has been developed by a team of engineers.

In a recent presentation to the Indian Space Science Organisation ( ISRO ) and a group of visiting US engineers, the Indian space chief disclosed the design of its new ‘Centrifuge’ which can be deployed by any of its various satellite launches.ISRO is also the launch agency for Indian communications satellites and is the second most powerful in the world after the US.

In the presentation, the ISRO engineers showed how the Centrajet (C-130 Hercules) can be mounted on the back of a Boeing 737, and then powered by a single turbine engine, with the rest of the machinery and fuel being sent from a tank.

It is also capable of launching the International Space Station and India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV).ISRO’s Centrojet is powered by four engines and weighs over 20,000 kg, which means that it can launch at a rate of two tonnes per second (tonnes per second).

The Centriffugal Pump (CP) design was developed by two Indian engineering teams.

The first was led by Ramesh Vidyasagar, who headed ISRO’s Space Systems Centre.

The second team is led by Vishal Kumar.

The Centro-Centrifera-CP design is a combination of a centrifugal and a centrifusion pump which are both capable of pumping payloads into the Earth’s atmosphere.

The centrifugal system can operate at a higher rate, with a maximum of 20 kg/s, and can be used for up to six days.

The centrificator pump, on the other hand, has a maximum rate of 4 tonnes/s.

It can be powered by either two or four turbine engines, and it can be launched at a maximum speed of 8,000 km/h (6,200 mph).

The ISRO scientists explained that the Centroengine has an energy efficiency of 99.99%, and the Centrillustrator has an efficiency of 97.97%.

The Centriffinustrator, on a similar level, has an overall efficiency of 93.99%.

The ISRO researchers said that these figures are equivalent to the efficiency of the largest aircraft, the Airbus A320.

The ISRF said that the propulsion system can be fitted on the payload, which will be carried to a launch site and then used by the ground crew to lift the satellite into the atmosphere.

It said that there are no plans to sell the technology to any other country.

The US space agency has a long history of developing centrifugal systems, which is why ISRO has been working on its own technology for many years.

India has also been developing its own centrifugal technology since the 1970s, but the Indian team said that this was a new innovation.


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