‘I’ll be at your side, if you need me’ for Harvey’s recovery

By JULIAN SCHULZENKER New York magazine New York (CNN) “The last thing I want to do is hurt anyone’s feelings.”

That’s the first thing that Houston Chronicle editor Dan Stessel says when he hears people describe the recovery efforts for Hurricane Harvey.

“You can feel the difference.”

Stessel and others have worked to put Harvey’s devastation in perspective by documenting its aftermath on the web and in print, and by hosting events to help victims and their families.

But the scale of the storm’s devastation is difficult to capture in a simple timeline.

“The first thing I did was stop working on the newspaper,” Stessel told CNN on Wednesday.

“It was a hard decision.

I don’t think that the press would be able to do this without the help of the community. “

People have asked me for help.

“If you have a crisis and you need help, I will help you.”‘”

So, I am here to help,” he continued.

“If you have a crisis and you need help, I will help you.”‘

There’s nothing to fear’Stessel said he would be grateful for anyone who was willing to offer help.

“There’s no reason to be afraid.

I’m not a scared person.

I would never have done this without you,” he said.

“I don’t have any idea how the media could have done it any better.”

The New York Times has already reported on the work that Stessel and his team are doing, with some of the images shared online.

“My hope is that if you are a journalist and you see something you want to share or a story you would like to share, that you don’t hesitate to let us know,” Stessersaid.

He added that he and other newsrooms are actively seeking to reach out to those who would like more information.

Stessel added that, as a former police officer, he knows how difficult it can be to do that.

“I would do it again if I could,” he concluded.

“And I do believe we are doing something that is helping a lot of people in a very difficult situation.”

Hurricane Harvey has now been reported to be the fourth-costliest in U.S. history, with at least $20 billion in damages.

In the aftermath of Harvey, the Associated Press reported that the average cost of repairing damages from Hurricane Katrina was $1,800, according to FEMA.

In a blog post, Stessel said it was important to note that he does not work for a newspaper and that his work has nothing to do with his role at CNN.

“But there are people out there who are looking out for the American people,” he wrote.

“That’s why we are here, sharing what we know, and sharing what our readers want.”

In a separate interview with CNN on Thursday, Stork wrote that he feels “lucky to be here, because Harvey has been a huge wake-up call for me.”

“It’s been very challenging, but I’ve been blessed by the outpouring of people, people who have made life so much easier for me, and have been so generous and have given me so much to learn and so much that I could have never done,” he told CNN.


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