British Airways: A Centrifugic Pump and a Turbine to Fly With

The AirBnb/Aerojet Turbines will be a part of British Airways new business plan, it has been confirmed.British Airways will invest an estimated £1bn ($1.1bn) into the new business, the airline said on its website.The company said the new businesses will offer flight attendants and pilots a range of service, including flexible schedules and long distance […]

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What’s going on with the Bingham centrifuge?

The B&Q Bingham Fractional Engine is a centrifugal pumping system.It works by drawing air from a cylinder to a pump that distributes it to various chambers.The air is pumped into the engine, where it is compressed and released back into the atmosphere.The engine is designed to operate at a speed of up to 10,000 rpm, […]

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Canada’s first centrifugal pumping station for sanitary purposes will be up and running by 2019

A $100 million Canada-made centrifugal pumps will be operational in 2019, providing sanitary facilities for municipal wastewater treatment plants.The pumps will provide water and wastewater treatment services to the municipalities of Ottawa and Montreal, and the facility is expected to operate by the end of the decade.According to a press release from the Department of […]

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‘I was going to leave but then I realised I was doing it for my kids’

A father-of-two is returning to work after spending three years in prison for selling beer he brewed himself at home.Matthew Deane, from Adelaide, was sentenced to four months in jail and a fine after being found guilty of a charge of importing beer into the state in September last year.The 26-year-old had been selling beer […]

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‘Bharat Diwas’ to be held on April 8 in Delhi as ‘Hindu dharma festival’ begins

The Hindu dharma is celebrating its fourth year in 2017 with the festival of Bharat Diwali.The celebrations will also be held in Delhi on April 7, and will be held across the city.The event, organised by the Hindu Rashtra Samithi (HRSP), is meant to celebrate the diversity of the Indian society, the diversity in religion […]

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Chinese startup ABB to take over Swiss-based centrifugal-pump company – Bloomberg

Chinese company ABB is set to acquire Swiss company Centrifuge and spin off its centrifugal pumping operations into a separate company, a person familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.The acquisition would create ABB, a Swiss company that makes centrifugal air pumps for commercial, government and private use.ABB has a $20 billion business that produces […]

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