Google to make a ‘virtual-reality’ version of its Google Glass goggles

Google will soon start selling the company’s “virtual-real-world” goggles, the company announced today. According to the Wall Street Journal, the goggles will be available as a limited edition through Google’s website starting in February.Google Glass will be an optional accessory for its Nexus 5 smartphone and other Google devices. The Google Glass is the company s most […]

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Chinese startup ABB to take over Swiss-based centrifugal-pump company – Bloomberg

Chinese company ABB is set to acquire Swiss company Centrifuge and spin off its centrifugal pumping operations into a separate company, a person familiar with the matter said on Wednesday.The acquisition would create ABB, a Swiss company that makes centrifugal air pumps for commercial, government and private use.ABB has a $20 billion business that produces […]

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Why you should consider a new cardio machine

Why you might want to consider a cardio machine that uses centrifugal pumping instead of the conventional pump.A new type of machine could potentially lower your heart rate, reduce the need for medication, and help you recover from injury.And while we’re on the subject of cardio machines, we also want to discuss the benefits and […]

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Why we need a nuclear reactor for the United States: Nuclear reactor

The U.S. nuclear industry needs a new generation of reactors for a new century.Here are three reasons.The U.N. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) says there is no reason to think we are at a point in the future when the United Nations nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), will require new nuclear plants to […]

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How To Build A New Roller Coaster To Raise A Passenger From The Ground

The ride-hailing app Uber has been under fire for the death of a passenger who fell from a ride-sharing app’s pedestal.The incident was caught on camera.The footage was posted to the app’s Instagram account.Uber has since taken down the video.The video has now been removed, but you can still view it on the app.The passenger […]

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